Joe Biden basically has two settings: rage-filled partisan tough guy and senile and incoherent old man who needs handlers just to get through the day. Sometimes the two overlap.

But earlier today, it was just the second one:

Uh … what just happened?

You all know that we can’t stand Joe Biden, but we still can’t help but be extremely concerned. This is the Leader of the Free World, folks. And he’s “not allowed” to take control of a press event? And he has handlers who have to get the press out of the room?

Yikes. Seriously, yikes.

Try watching the video without the sound. It’s still disturbing.

Joe Biden’s handlers and even the members of his administration know that they can’t trust him to speak off the cuff because the odds are good that he’ll say something inappropriate or possibly jeopardizing national security. But we’re supposed to trust in his competence and leadership? He can barely get a sentence out most of the time. That’s not normal. It’s not OK.

Joe Biden is not OK.


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