Remember mean tweets? Those democracy-shattering textual tidbits like, ‘Frankly, he doesn’t have a very good brain. Probably the worst in history, if I’m being honest.’

Thankfully, we’ve reached the nirvana of political decorum, led by unifier Joe Biden, the semi-coherent President of the United States, who now refers to his political opponents as ‘semi-fascist’, and the White House Press Secretary backs him up. They were given the chance to excuse it as being a bit over-the-top, but nope, it was the right word in his ‘powerful’ speech.

Sure, the real power behind actual fascist movements is suppression of opposition, centralized big-government control of society and the economy, and an assault on individualism – you know, the chief aim of every Democrat policy position, but Republicans are fascists. Ok, ‘semi-fascist’, which is what you say when you want to call people fascists but are too cowardly to do it.

We all know what we do with actual fascists, right? They’re wading into dangerous waters.

That’s the point of absurd slander. You don’t have to back it up with facts if the lemmings believe it.

What he said.

We all see it. Karine Jean-Pierre and Dim Brandon are using the bully pulpit of the President of the United States to suppress political opposition by comparing them to the worst monsters in history. It’s shameful.

Baghdad Bob … ‘Everything is fine! ’. Good times. lol.

By pure executive fiat, circumventing the People’s representatives. Seems a little fascist-y. Needs a few more clowns, frankly.

Pretty sure Orwell wrote something about this.

They’re not the good guys here.

I’m afraid we all will.



Reuters on Mastriano posing in Confederate uniform (SPOILER: It’s different when Democrats do it)

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