I hardly know where to start or how to even introduce this topic. This thread from a Twitter user is filled with observations that a lot of us have made separately, some things you haven’t seen altogether at once, and paints a big picture that was really hard to see until you see it and then it’s glaring.

I have, here at Right Scoop, been discussing the pattern outlined in this thread for a while now, but it’s painful seeing it all at once. It makes me feel queasy in a way I ain’t used to as an old man who has seen some things a time or two.

Twitchy highlighted this thread and I gotta thank them for it, but also in a way almost wish they hadn’t.

And now for the real blow: what it’s all about.

I won’t say “sleep tight” because that would be trite. But I think you know the sentiment I’m trying to get at.

It’s scary time for America. It’s really really bad. And the enemy? They have more power. They have the press. They have the White House. They even have the schools.

So yeah. Be worried. And no, I don’t know what to do about it.

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