“Is it okay to have a conspiracy to get rid of Trump?” Liberal atheist Democrat talk show host Bill Maher asked his two Democrat guests the straight-up, point-blank, number one question about the 2020 suppression of the Hunter Biden story in this clip, and they both indicate they are totally fine with it.

Maher calls it what it was: a conspiracy. He referenced Sam Harris recently saying on a podcast that of course there was a conspiracy to silence the story and that he was totally fine with it. Maher also spells out point blank that the laptop is real, the data found was real, the New York Post story was real, and that Hunter was selling influence. Which everyone knows but liberals somehow still avoid saying outright.

He asked megadonor Hollywood leftwing nutjob Rob Reiner and extremist liberal Democrat Amy Klobuchar if that’s okay.

Each in their own way indicated assent. Reiner by blathering nonsensically and Klobuchar with the most blatantly pointed dodge in the history of politics.

As liberals like to say, silence is consent. And these two were NOT silent, they were winking and nodding YES to the question.

So if you’re keeping track, the media and Democrats are admitting to colluding in a conspiracy to suppress a news story, they are confirming it happened, Zuckerberg has confirmed the FBI was in on it, and everyone, including a former and probably future Democrat presidential candidate are all saying they have no regrets and nothing to apologize for.

They believe they have the moral high ground against Trump and that therefore it’s all fine.

The phrases to describe that philosophy are “Fair Game” and “Anytbing Goes.” Thanks, Saul.


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