Leathery and dilapidated funhouse mannequin Charlie Crist, mustering every ounce of acting skill to mimic human emotion, told Florida voters who like Ron DeSantis that he doesn’t want their votes. It was the biggest, dumbest virtue signal I’ve ever seen, and Crist has already set that bar REALLY high a thousand times over in the past. It was actually a kinda funny video. He later tried to walk it back and that was even funnier/creepier.

Gov. Kathy Hochul told Republicans to get the hell out of her state. You know, the state where everyone died in nursing homes while her predecessor and ideological soul mate was sexually harassing his staff while his brother Chris lurked in the corner watching and breathing hard? That state.

Y’all may think those are extreme examples, or they’d have seemed like extreme examples 8 years ago, but this is the new normal for Democrats. Biden’s calling people fascists, his incompetent 12=year=old press secretary is quintupling down on it, and the media are getting sweaty foreheads over the White House tweeting attacks on Marjorie Taylor Greene in between her being SWATTED at the urging of people like Politico’s Alex Isenstadt.

And why? Why is voting for Ron DeSantis “hate”? Well because of covid beaches or something.

But also the whole mess is because they consider us not full humans. Gov. DeSantis says they consider conservatives second class citizens in this clip.

“It was really unbelievable that he would do that. And you know the thing is, we have so much support in Florida, and it’s not because people have hate in their hearts. They’re thankful we saved their jobs. Mothers are thankful we kept their kids in school. You have senior citizens that are thankful we provided medication for them. So I think that he really put his foot in his mouth, but I think people like Hochul and Crist are representative of this leftist mindset, that they do believe that the conservative half of the country are second-class citizens.

So when she’s telling all the Republicans to get on a bus and get out of New York. Well Dan you know better than anyone, they’d lose the NYPD, they’d lose the FDNY, they’d lose guys from the port authority. These are the guys, you know these good strong conservative patriots, that keep New York from totally falling off the cliff even though she’s trying to do that.

So I thought it was really offensive that she would say it. And look, we’ve had a lot of great Republicans move from New York to Florida. They’re friends and supporters of mine, we obviously welcome that. But I think for her to treat them so disrespectfully was really appalling.

It was appalling for dang sure.

But I think “second class citizen” is way too polite for what they consider Republican voters. They don’t think Trump voters or MAGA or anyone to the right of AOC are human beings at all. Just as soon you died as shut up. They tried to do it to Kavanaugh and Barrett. They tried to do it to Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rand Paul. They tried to do it to an entire baseball practice.

They’re gonna keep trying, and the only thing that’ll make them stop — the ONLY thing — is for them to lose. People that only care about power only understand one thing, and that’s losing power. And I don’t even think just technically losing is enough. They’ve gotta lose in numbers so overwhelming that even their pet media can’t spin that mess. Like swept in every district. Every school board, every mayoral seat, every state rep and U.S. Senator.

They won’t lose every race, of course, sadly enough. But they have to believe that it was a possibility and will be possible again in 2024. Ain’t nothing else EVER gonna get through those cement skulls.

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