President Unity — or as he known to friends, Captain Dementia — is ramping up his civil war-ready rhetoric. Surely you didn’t think basket of semi-fascists was the peak, right?

No, he took to Twitter to ramp it up some with another hate message. And by he we mean whoever uses technology for him. And by ramp it up we mean they must have seen some bad poll numbers. And by hate message we mean he basically declared literal war on the left’s political enemies.

It kind of makes a weird sense Biden would be the president itching for civil war. He still remembers the last one.

Hey here’s funny memory: ‘member that time the press did days of hysterical coverage about how saying “Enemy of the People” about them was basically terrorism? Yeah, good times.

But Biden’s new hobby of calling people fascists trying to destroy America — which as already resulted in multiple murder attempts on Marjorie Taylor Greene — left DNC chair Jaime Harrison sputtering this morning. Which is really weird.

Because for one thing, it’s weird he was asked about this at all. It only happened because Major Garrett was there. But for another thing, the question was obviously a toss, a way for Harrison to go on the record saying that it’s stupid to be upset about being called fascist. IT’s a press gimme and they do it all the time. They pretend to ask a “tough” question so that the Democrat can give a rote, prepared answer and then it’s all taken care of. Box checked. Moving on.

But Harrison blew it anyway.

Garrett quoted Biden’s unity speech and asked how this latest rhetoric fits that claim. Watch this non-answer.

What does he say after that, you might ask? He then just says all the same “Republicans are trying to kill you” stuff that Biden and the Democrats have been saying in THEIR concerted and media-enable effort to get YOU killed.

When Major asked him if he embraces the rhetoric, he said it’s “calling it what it is.”

What he did NOT do is ever go back and answer how that comports with Biden’s inauguration speech lies. His entire answer to THAT question — if we can use the word answer — is above.


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