What is it with Texas and child drag shows?

Yesterday it was reported that the city of Roanoke, Texas (just north of Fort Worth) was host to another child drag queen show in the state with a reported 20 children in the audience.

And one of them, apparently, very excited by the drag queen dancers.

In case you don’t want to watch over 7 minutes of the drag queen show, here’s a shorter version from Rumble:

I looked up the phone number on the door and it belongs to a business called Anderson Distillery & Grill. I just checked their listing on Google and the owner is already facing controversy and pre-explained why they were putting on the drag show that happened yesterday:

I realize additional explanation is needed regarding the Barrel Babes Brunch we’re hosting August 28. It was never my intention to host an event that would result in controversy, hate and divisiveness. It is my intention to welcome people from ALL walks of life into Anderson Distillery & Grill. The live entertainment that will take place will be similar to a variety show with professional drag artists lip-synching, dancing and performing comedy routines. The show will be hosted by my son, Bailey (a.k.a. Trisha Delish), who will ensure the show remains clean: No foul language. No sexual content. No erotic behavior. Performers will be fully clothed. Music will not contain explicit lyrics. We are a family-owned establishment and enjoy serving other families. During the past few months, we’ve asked many people about hosting this brunch to get their reaction and input. The vast majority love the idea and that it is a PG version. We completely understand if a patron does not want to support or attend the event; we simply ask for compassion and understanding for those who do. Opening Anderson Distillery & Grill has been a longtime dream of mine. I am proud of our team and the inclusive environment we’re creating. But, first and foremost, I’m a parent who loves and supports my children in whatever they do. 🧡 Jay Anderson

The owner’s son, one of the drag queen dancers, was apparently tasked with keeping the show ‘clean’. But the very nature of the show is foul and inherently sexual. It’s one thing if only adults are in attendance. But once you allow children to be brought to the show, it changes everything.

I don’t think he can ever call his restaurant ‘family-friendly’ after this. And I’m sure he’ll hear from plenty in the community about it.

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