One year later, Former President Donald Trump says there still hasn’t been any accountability for the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan; Trump says it’s the most embarrassing moment in U.S. history.

Trump shared his thoughts on TRUTH Social over the weekend.

“No resignations or firings for the disastrous manner in which we surrendered in Afghanistan. The military should have left last, when everything else was done and accounted for – NOT FIRST. Perhaps the most embarrassing and demeaning moment in our Country’s history!”

President Biden released a statement last week, acknowledging the 13 U.S. service members who lost their lives during the evacuation.

“Our nation will forever mourn their sacrifice and honor the memory of those 13 precious souls, stolen from their families, loved ones, brothers- and sisters-in-arms far too soon while performing a noble mission on behalf of our Nation,” Biden said.

“They were heroes, working to save lives as part of the largest airlift evacuation operation in our history,” he continued. “The example of their bravery and selflessness will live forever as a testament to the very best of our American character.”

“In the wake of the horrific attack outside Kabul airport, we have redoubled our relentless global campaign against ISIS and other terrorists who threaten Americans. In February, we took out the global head of ISIS in Syria, and last month, in Kabul, we eliminated the leader of al-Qaeda,” Biden said.

“We now maintain pressure against terrorist threats without keeping thousands of troops in harm’s way on the ground in Afghanistan. And my Administration will continue to hunt down terrorists who seek to harm the United States, wherever they may be.”

GOP House leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise are also calling for accountability for Afghanistan.

We have a responsibility to ensure there is accountability for the terrible decisions that led to their deaths,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted.

“Make no mistake: There will be accountability for the failed leaders responsible for this tragedy,” Scalise says.

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