Music artist, Lizzo, gave a passionate speech when she accepted “Video for Good” at the Video Music Awards. Lizzo gratefully thanked fans and went on to say that when they vote for artists they vote to change laws that are oppressing Lizzo and her ilk. It sounded so noble, so progressive, but what did it mean?

Lizzo is a huge celebrity and is on the receiving end of a whole lot of fame and financial success, which is not especially common among the oppressed.

Whaling about oppression may not be the best approach for winning over any new Lizzo fans. Virtue signaling in the spotlight with all of the political feels is pretty much an invitation to be mocked and criticized.

Nose to ear chain could really catch on as the new look of oppression. There are, of course, adoring and loyal fans who are there to cheer on Lizzo and the like regardless of what comes out of their mouths.

Early indicators suggest the ratio of responses are largely from  unwoke folk who have questions about Lizzo’s gigantic assertions regarding current laws and oppression.

Several helpful commentators tried to determine what oppression Lizzo must be referring to. If she says she’s oppressed, it must be so!

A lot of theories circulating, but no one knows for sure what oppression Lizzo is facing in her high profile, enormous celebrity role. The important thing is that an influential cultural figure has asked fans to vote and change unspecified laws. Lizzo fans are likely flocking to register themselves to vote to end that big old nasty oppression; sometimes it takes a celebrity to get people interested in voting for things they know nothing about. Imagine the pride of o-pressing an “I voted” sticker to your shirt in the name of Lizzo, can someone say massive virtue signaling selfie opportunity?

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