Speaking with with a friendly congressman running for reelection yesterday morning, I asked about the political impact of Joe Biden’s student loan giveaway. The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s August 25 remarks announcing the giveaway here. It deserves close study as a question-begging exercise in deceit and avoidance.

However, I appreciate the common-man autobiographical nuggets with which Biden larded his remarks as well. This is classic: “My senior year, I got into one of the little Ivies and I got into a number of schools, and we were trying to get the money, even with financial assistance, to be able to go there. We had four kids, all of — all of us wanting to go to school….” And so on.

What is a little Ivy? Which one admitted him? What other schools did he get in to? Corn Pop could not be reached for comment. In the event, he attended the University of Delaware.

The friendly congressman reported that his office had been inundated with calls opposing the loan giveaway when it was announced last week. He emphasized that for every problem he decries he proposes a solution, but in response to my question he told me he is featuring two themes in his campaign: 87,000 IRS agents and the student loan giveaway.

I’d like to see how the student loan giveaway polls. The day before Biden’s announcement, The Hill reported a poll conducted by the progressive think tank Data For Progress showing a giveaway to be wildly popular. I wonder what a good post-announcement poll will find.

We shall see. More to come…

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