It’s official, the talking points have gone out in advance of Biden’s primetime speech on Thursday night where he plans to call half of Americans names and pretend they’re violent and dangerous for disagreeing with him and his agenda. He will babble about MAGA GOP or MAGA Republicans, calling them fascists and an actual threat to the country, blah blah blah.

We’ve seen so much rhetoric today from the Left pushing lies about violent Republicans … so we weren’t at all surprised to see this from Eric Swalwell.

Note, if he really and truly did receive a threat like this he shouldn’t be posting it on Twitter, he should be contacting the police. Period. But as we’ve seen from Eric in the past, it’s more about narrative and message than truth and reality.

Take a gander.

Did he say assault rifle, Eric?

And gosh, if he was really scared he wouldn’t be politicizing this crap on Twitter.

Oh look, he shared a screenshot to prove it really happened …

Darn it, we were really looking forward to hearing the guy with the fake southern accent again. The ‘gay man’ is a nice touch, Eric.

Yeah, we made the same face.

The Lincoln Project must’ve gotten the same talking points. We hope Biden is paying these schmucks per tweet.


Sounds like a Democrat threatening himself, yes?



Touch some grass, Eric.

Nobody believes this.



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