President Joe Biden traveled to Pennsylvania Tuesday to talk about crime, gun control, and Senate candidate John Fetterman. As Twitchy reported, Biden will be giving a prime-time speech from Pennsylvania Thursday night. That’s a lot of travel for the old guy.

Maybe you think this next clip is cute, but our archives are full of posts about Biden zeroing in on kids who get dragged to his events. Biden always wants to know the kid’s age and sometimes will project into the future, as when he told some young girls that he’d like to see them dancing when they’re four years older.

Anyway, Biden waves hi to a baby in the crowd, and the “baby” then tells him they’re 9 years old.

It’s a little thing, for sure, but must he do it all the time — every time he spots a kid? Remember this?

We guess that’s just Biden being the decent guy he is. But don’t forget how he kicked off his campaign for president by releasing a video addressing all those videos of him being handsy and assuring us that he’d learned about personal space:

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