Earlier this month, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey grew tired of waiting for Joe Biden or Kamala “Border Czar” Harris to do something about the Biden border crisis and decided to do something himself. He ordered more than one hundred shipping containers to be brought to places where there are gaps in the wall on the Mexican border and have them stacked up to create a makeshift wall. I’m sure it wasn’t the most elegant or architecturally beautiful solution that’s ever been suggested for the problem, but it was better than nothing and made it much harder for any coyotes to bring their cargo into the United States quickly or easily.

So how has that worked out thus far? To read the reporting of Elliot Spagat at the Associated Press, it’s been a complete disaster and a waste of time and money. But was it really? Going down the list of complaints that the AP is claiming, it sounds as if they’re not entirely sure how illegal immigration works. For that matter, I’m not sure they know how walls work.

Hours before Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey declared “a major step forward to secure our border” with the installation of 130 double-stacked shipping containers, hundreds of migrants found their way around them, belying his claim.

They walked through tribal lands to the edge of a towering wall built during Donald Trump’s presidency to surrender to border agents waiting outside the reservation, expecting to be released in the U.S. to pursue asylum.

Families, young parents carrying toddlers, elderly people and others easily waded through the knee-deep Colorado River before dawn Wednesday, many in sandals with shopping bags slung over their shoulders.

When I first scanned this article I was expecting to see complaints about the barrier being too easy to circumvent. But that wasn’t the case. No significant numbers of migrants were observed climbing over the shipping containers. Instead, the AP notes how “easy” it was for them to walk along the border until they came to another gap in the wall that adjoins tribal lands. The migrants then waded the shallow river, walked through the gap and turned themselves in to request asylum.

But that’s sort of the point of this entire exercise, isn’t it? The “wall” isn’t anywhere near effective enough in curtailing the flow of illegal immigrants because the Democrats never allowed construction to be finished and it’s still full of holes. If you eventually plug all of the holes securely and put more border personnel near the legal crossing points, the picture changes immediately. Also, Doug Ducey didn’t have a legal option to plug the next hole in the wall because it was on tribal lands.

To his credit, Spagat actually does address the difficulties we’ve encountered in trying to build the wall. It’s not just tribal lands, but also private property belonging to recalcitrant locals, particularly in Texas. But what’s also missing in this criticism is the fact that you don’t have to finish 100% of the wall to see an improvement. The more holes you plug, the fewer places migrants can cross easily. And then you can focus more of your enforcement personnel in those areas. After more than one and half years of Joe Biden, we’ll take whatever small victories we can find.

The linked article is, more than anything else, just another example of how most of the media will never be able to let go of their hatred of the Bad Orange Man. Even with Donald Trump no longer in office to push the construction of the wall, plenty of people who were left broken by his presidency simply can’t move on. This is particularly true in the mainstream media. If Trump isn’t around to hate, they hate “his” border wall. Trump is mentioned multiple times in the article and you can even see his name buried into the URL for the article.

Here’s one small thing for these Democrats and media talking heads to keep in mind in the unlikely event that it helps. It’s not “Donald Trump’s wall.” It’s America’s border. Trump added to the wall, but it was there before him. More has been added under Joe Biden. Much more is needed. And if you spend a little time looking at the ongoing disaster at the border and combine that with the fact that Donald Trump is no longer in the Oval Office, perhaps you can let some of that hatred cool down a few degrees and work on answers to this challenge. Because we still very much need an answer.

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