We knew we had to do a post on this because it’s so rare: This wasn’t Karine Jean-Pierre giving the press some B.S. about there being no border crisis … President Joe Biden himself actually brought up the subject of the border during a visit to Pennsylvania Tuesday. Biden wasn’t in Pennsylvania to talk about illegal immigration but about crime and gun control, so naturally, he looks at the border crisis from Mexico’s point of view. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring over the border is no big deal; the problem is gun trafficking into Mexico.

Biden was vice president for four years — what did his administration do about gun trafficking then?

Eric Holder, the original “contempt of Congress” official? Contempt of Congress is a big deal when it has to do with the January 6 committee, but it didn’t have any consequences for Holder.

He’s addressing Mexico’s complaints at the moment, not ours. But how to stop the gun trafficking?

Anyway, Biden sort of offloaded the border crisis to Kamala Harris — let her handle it.


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