Is it just us or does it seem like our pals on the Left really want to keep Trump front and center? As if they know it’s the only way they can convince their lemming-like base to keep voting for them in the midterms as they raise taxes on the lower and middle class during the recession THEY created.

The thing is, as with most all things Trump, this will backfire on the Left again.

Remember when they pushed Trump because they thought Hillary could beat him?

Good times.

Breitbart’s Kristina Wong has been reporting the FBI raid on Trump’s home is connected to Crossfire Hurricane, and considering what we have (haven’t) seen from the DOJ, this seems feasible.

Then the sunflower brigade showed up (we do NOT get what the sunflower emoji stands for – stupid content coming up?):

And then Vindman’s wife chimed in.

Rachel’s claim to fame is what again? OH, that’s right, being married to that Vindman dork.

Talk about an awful hack trying to make a name for herself.


How’s that podcast, Rache?


But … she’s married to that guy who said he heard a phone call he didn’t actually hear firsthand and stuff!

Verified for being someone’s wife.




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