Martha’s Vineyard is a favorite destination for liberal elitists. You may have heard that former President Obama even maintains a modest home there.

People on the right sometimes make fun of the Vineyard, suggesting that it would be a perfect destination for illegal border crossers.

Max Boot of the Washington Post has taken a day off from writing about why he is no longer a Republican, to remind everyone that Martha’s Vineyard is actually the ‘real’ America. No, really:

This has to be seen to be believed. From the Washington Post:

I’ve been feeling very blue this summer. Oh, I don’t mean I’m depressed — I’ve been having a ball. But I’ve been spending time in some of the most liberal enclaves in America: first Martha’s Vineyard (where former President Barack Obama has a house), then Provincetown, Mass., an LGBTQ mecca where pride flags are ubiquitous. I even took my step-kids to a drag show. (Don’t tell Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis!)

I have to admit that even this reformed ex-Republican did a slight eyeroll at the car next door to our rented beach house in P-town. It sports bumper stickers proclaiming “Biden-Harris,” “Coexist” (with Christian, Jewish, Muslim and peace symbols), “Resist” and “Bye Don” under a shock of yellow hair. Naturally, it’s a Subaru station wagon with a bike rack. How cliche can you get?

It is easy in such environs to imagine that you’re not in the “real America.” In fact, a friend who lives, as I do, in New York City — yet another Democratic bastion — made precisely that observation in a half-joking manner. “I’m happy not to be in America,” he told me, meaning, presumably, he was happy to be in a place where drag queens are considered normal and Trumpkins are not.

But you know what? Provincetown is the real America.

OK, Max. Whatever you say. Here are a few reactions:

Is there any wonder why the Washington Post is having a cash flow problem?

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