President Joe Biden campaigned on being the unity president, but he’s having trouble uniting everyone in Congress under his policies. As we reported earlier, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted that there are extremist MAGA elements in Republican leadership who are inciting violence and trying to take away people’s freedoms. But also, if you voted for Donald Trump, you’re a threat to our democracy.

So Biden’s failed spectacularly at uniting the country, but how about his recent promises to restore the soul of the nation? We know he’s supposed to touch on it in his prime-time speech Thursday night, but one reporter Wednesday asked how far along the White House considers the restoration process to be.

Does Jean-Pierre get paid by the “MAGA”? Is there some bonus incentive going on?

Seriously, though, what’s to be done about these extreme MAGA Republicans who are inciting violence? What if Americans don’t vote them out of office during the midterms? If they’re a threat to democracy, is the president considering calling out the F-15s? Why haven’t Capitol Police arrested these members of Congress for inciting violence? The soul of the nation is at stake.


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