Know what your audience thinks of your content and your bias.

Is your news trusted? Is it objective and balanced, or does it show a political bias? AllSides provides tools and systems to provide audience insight and support neutrality, objectivity and balance.

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Media Bias Audit

How can any news organization reliably provide more objective or balanced news without regularly measuring their content in a robust, credible manner? 

AllSides provides the most robust and credible bias audits of media content. Our patented and proprietary system reveals how average Americans perceive the political bias of your content.

The AllSides Media Bias Audit (see sample report) utilizes blind surveys, AI, and expert panel reviews. Our bias audits provide an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ for your content, detailed expert analysis of the ways political bias is present or not present in your content, break-out data showing how different audiences perceive your content (political parties and leanings, demographic, regional and more), and recommendations.

With trust in media at all-time lows, and readers stating a desire for unbiased news, news organizations can turn to AllSides for a robust, credible, independent bias review and then utilize AllSides’ technologies, expertise and services to improve its news output.

AllSides “Certified Balanced” Award

For news sources that qualify, AllSides can provide a public certification and award. It can be used in online, TV and other content and advertising, and links to published details of the report describing the analysis and results.

Journalist and Editor Tools

Practically speaking, day after day, how can journalists provide neutral, objective, fairly balanced news coverage and analysis? Even with the best intentions, we all are biased and vulnerable to filter bubbles and one-sided information that can limit or skew our work.

AllSides has a variety of unique tools that journalists can use every day, as well as systems and training that media companies and editors can utilize or customize for their own needs.

Free tools and services:

  • AllSides Balanced Search. Unlike a Google search that typically provides the same perspective from different sources on one page, AllSides Balanced Search automatically provides diverse perspectives from the left to right.
  • AllSides Red Blue Translator. This “dictionary” of nearly 300 terms describes how the same terms are understood very differently by people of different political leanings. Understanding this can help journalists to avoid or better explain polarizing terms and phrases.
  • AllSides Balanced Issue Pages. A curation of the latest news by topic or issue, as well as additional context and information, revealing different proposals and perspectives.

Customizable tools and services:

  • AllSides Custom Balanced News Dashboard. AllSides automatically curates news from across the country, for different regions and for any topic, so journalists can more quickly discover and understand potential stories in their area and on key issues. Customized to fit your specific region or issue/topic needs. 
  • AllSides Syndicated News Feeds. Balanced news widgets that companies can embed on their news pages to instantly broaden their news coverage and increase their reach. See sample news blocks customized by topic or community.
  • AllSides Talks. AllSides recruits politically balanced groups (of dozens to thousands) for 1-on-1 and small group online discussions with each other across differences. In addition to being a great engagement vehicle for any media organization, journalists can more easily find and experience differences of opinion and do exclusive reports. (See sample video of highlights of a conversation about political divisions done for America Talks and USA Today.)
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