In these difficult times where gender dysphoria has become fashionable, it’s hard to decide which of the however many genders there allegedly are that you truly are.

I mean, we can’t all be biologists, right, Ketanji?

Well, consider me a little less confused now because the perfect gender identity for me has now been revealed. According to data analyst Will Muldoon, a malfunction in Alaska’s electronic voter rolls resulted in nine genders being listed on Alaska’s official voter records, including “United States,” “Null,” “Australia,” and “Italy.”

“I purchase the rolls often, usually for just data nerd stuff,” Muldoon told the Daily Caller. “Yesterday, they had an off by one error for some overseas voters that shifted some columns over one to the right.”

Error or not, I have to say, I found a sense of peace by seeing 71620 as a gender identity, and, doggone it, I’m going all in.

As for my preferred pronouns, I’m going with π and 6.02214076×10²³, which you may recognize as pi and Avagadro’s constant. This may change, as it’s possible I may prefer to use an imaginary number as a pronoun. Time will tell. Everything is fluid, right?

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