This editor is dreading covering President Joe Biden’s prime-time address to the nation tonight. We all know what he’s going to say — the same thing he’s been saying all week. Biden supposedly is going to warn us of the dangers to our democracy (extreme MAGA) and give us an update on the soul of our nation. As Twitchy reported Wednesday, a CNBC reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s promise to restore the soul of the nation and where exactly the White House thinks we are in that restoration process. Biden can say whatever he wants tonight, but Jean-Pierre’s absolutely shameless press conference today made it perfectly clear what the White House deems as “extreme.”

Dr. Strangetweet is becoming a Twitchy favorite and in advance of tonight’s speech has put together a thread on the soul of the nation and the condition it’s presently in.

It’s clear that our president has nothing but contempt for half the nation. Just a couple of days ago he taunted those “brave right-wingers” that they’re going to need F-15s if they think they’re going to take on the government. And if you don’t think Biden is a divider, check out the clip his handlers posted to his own Twitter account of his rant Tuesday.

He’s not your priest, but he’s a devout Catholic.

You’ll miss the drinking games, though: “ultra MAGA”; “my son Beau”; “January 6”; etc.


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