Here’s a great question from Philip Wegmann from RealClearNews, because it helps narrow down President Joe Biden’s obtuse definition of “extreme MAGA” and proves that you don’t even have to be a Republican to fit in that basket. As we reported, Biden said a few days ago that “extreme MAGA” was underpinned by a philosophy of “semi-fascism.” On Wednesday, reporters tried to have her narrow that down and asked how the president differentiates between your “normal” Republican and an extreme MAGA Republican. Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden has been “very targeted” about this. The people he’s talking about are Republicans in leadership positions who are 1) inciting violence and 2) trying to take people’s freedoms away. So, like taking away the right to an abortion up to delivery?

So when House Democrats voted on a bill to nationalize the right to an abortion up until delivery with no exceptions, that wasn’t extreme? And if you’re just an independent voter who believes abortion should be restricted after the first trimester, does that make you “extreme MAGA”? Essentially, if you disagree with any of the Biden administration’s policies, you’re probably extreme MAGA. We really wish Biden had the balls to name some names so we have a better idea of who these extreme MAGA people are.

So it is “extreme” to place any restrictions on abortion. We knew it — Biden deliberately keeps things vague so he can paint anyone as a semi-fascist at any time.


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