The results are in, and the proof is irrefutable: school closures in the name of protecting children (and teachers) inflicted serious and long-term damage on countless kids.

It’s clear that the people who fought so hard to keep schools shut down were on the wrong side of history (and we’re not being snarky when we say that). But far too many of them will never, ever admit that they got it wrong. In fact, if they acknowledge what was done to children at all, it will only be to pat themselves on the back for doing such an awesome job. That’s what Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is doing today. And it’s what AFT President Randi Weingarten is doing today:

Wow. Just … wow.

It’s no surprise that Weingarten would limit who can reply to her tweets. It’s not difficult to imagine the kinds of replies she’d be getting otherwise. The woman arguably did more than any single other person to keep schools shut down and keep kids from in-person learning.

Too bad for Weingarten that there’s no way for her to block quote-retweets. It’s a damn shame.

You built that, Randi Weingarten. You made that happen.

We won’t forget.



Come ON! Corey DeAngelis spots AFT President Randi Weingarten being shameless again


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