You knew it was coming, right? We have seen some exceptionally stupid arguments in favor or making 87% of the country including lower and middle-class Americans foot the student debt of the middle and upper 13% but this one? Woof.

And of course, it comes from Nina Turner.

Comparing student debt to reparations. REALLY?

If Nina can find one slave who is still living in America we will gladly write them a check, but until that happens, change the record. Nobody forced anyone to take out student loans, and no president should be able to make 87% of the country pay the debts of the other 13%.

This is all really obnoxious.

Welcome to 2022.

Sowell. Damn, he’s smart.


Seems fair.

Yeah, not a whole lot of slave owners in the responses, Nina.

That seems fair, right?

Heck, even we can get behind that.



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