Former President Donald Trump hit TRUTH Social to react to the pictures released from the FBI’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago home; he says the pictures are “very deceiving” and that’s not the way the FBI found things.

“There seems to be confusion as to the ‘picture’ where documents were sloppily thrown on the floor and then released photographically for the world to see, as if that’s what the FBI found when they broke into my home,” Trump said on TRUTH. “Wrong! They took them out of cartons and spread them around on the carpet, making it look like a big “find” for them. They dropped them, not me – Very deceiving…And remember, we could have NO representative, including lawyers, present during the Raid. They were told to wait outside.”

Trump hasn’t missed an opportunity to hit the DOJ and the FBI on TRUTH Social for the unprecedented raid.

“Terrible the way the FBI, during the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (perhaps pretending it was me that did it!), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see. Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!” Trump wrote.

Trump also responded to AG Merrick Garland’s memo to DOJ employees, reminding them that all communications must go through the proper channels and not to speak to members of Congress —a veiled warning for potential whistleblowers.

“Congratulations to the many FBI & DOJ Whistleblowers who have flooded the offices of our Senators & Congressmen/women with really bad things to say about what is going on. This is the time, after many years of lawbreaking & unfairness, to clean things up. All things for a reason. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!” the former president said on Truth Social.

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