TIME tweeted about speaking with the author of ‘Gender Queer’, who was relieved that her/his/their/eir book was still available for minors. Ok, so that’s pretty horrible unto itself HOWEVER, Tweeps were very very VERY distracted by the new pronouns in TIME’s tweet.

We can’t seem to figure out if these are typos or new pronouns.

Dear Pronoun People,

When we can’t decide if your new pronoun is on purpose or a typo, you may have gone too far.

Love and kisses,

Twitchy Team

So do these pronouns come from the author or from TIME?

From TIME:

Maia Kobabe felt a wave of relief on Tuesday morning. Waking up on the West Coast, an early morning peek at emails revealed a Virginia court had dismissed a lawsuit seeking to label Kobabe’s book Gender Queer as obscene and restrict its sale to minors in Virginia. The suit was among the latest in an onslaught of challenges to Kobabe’s memoir, which was the most challenged book of 2021, according to the American Library Association (ALA).

Parents not wanting adult material in public school libraries is an ‘onslaught’.

Alrighty, TIME.

It’s 2022.

That’s why.


Just when we think things can’t get any dumber, TIME proves us wrong.

Time and time again (pun intended).



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