Cue the, ‘CNN is turning into Fox News’ tweets.

HOO BOY, Biden, when you’ve lost CNN? You may have gone too far. Oh, don’t get us wrong, CNN brought on plenty of turnips who were more than happy to praise Biden for attacking half of this country and basically declaring war on them, but this seems significant.

Brianna Keilar has never hidden her leftist bias.

Yeah, we agree.

Our military members are not props.

And let’s be honest, the dark red light behind Biden, with the flags draped and the two marines? That was some Hunger Games dystopian BS right there.

As you can imagine, the Left is dealing with Brianna’s criticism really well … JUST KIDDING.

That wasn’t the White House, sweetpea.

And he used them as props.

THERE it is.

What a boycott-happy bunch these people are.

THERE it is again.


We realize this person isn’t bright enough to see the irony of their own tweet but still ..

We’re sure Brianna is heartbroken to lose Lily.


What’s the difference?

This country is under attack? WHAT THE ABSOLUTE EFF?!

That’s EXACTLY what Biden was doing last night.

Poisoning people’s minds further.

How quickly they turn on the very people who have been their heroes for years.

Best speech ever.

Holy shiznit.



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