Like millions of others, I scratched my head over what the Democrats were trying to achieve with their Nuremberg-themed show last night. But then I realized it is not a coincidence that observers labeled Biden’s speech “dark” or that the stage was literally dark. Last night’s speech was a continuation of the “Dark Brandon” campaign that I wrote about in Dork Brandon.

The Democrats have tried to claim the “Brandon” joke as their own. The White House literally has dubbed Joe Biden “Dark Brandon” and put out images of Biden as a superhero (or maybe super dictator). In that campaign, like last night, there were echoes of the German Political Party That Must Not Be Named:

More Dark Brandon, from the White House:

For some reason, the Democrats think portraying Slow Joe as a dark, avenging superhero (!) is a good idea. Despite the ridicule they received a few weeks ago, they tried it again last night, with predictable results.

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