We have yet to see this amazing and thriving economy that we’ve been hearing so much about from Joe Biden and his administration, but maybe we just haven’t been looking hard enough.

It’s actually pretty obvious. Or it would have to be, with the jobs numbers White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just gave us:

Ten. Thousand. Million. Job growth doesn’t get any faster than that, folks.

We’ve gotta admit, that’s unprecedented.

You heard her!

Color us impressed.

A kazillion? That’s not even a real number!

Well now you’re just being silly.

Show of hands! Ten thousand million hands.

Well, it’s so cute when 4-year-olds do it. So obviously it’s downright adorable when the White House does it.

Hey, that’s nothing to sneeze at. It also couldn’t have happened at a better time:

True story.


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