President Biden’s fit of projection last night when he tried to convince everybody that tens of millions of Americans are semi-fascist “threats to democracy” because of who they voted for has gotten plenty of attention for what was said (as well as the accompanying optics).

However, what the Republicans need to do heading into the midterm elections is not take the bait and instead focus on what Biden did not say, up to and including the following:

There’s nothing The Biden White House can point to as an accomplishment that’s going to make more people want to vote Democrat in November, so we get what we saw and heard last night.

What might be even more telling is that Biden didn’t even talk about something that in just the last few days Dems have been praising as one of his most popular “accomplishments” (that will likely be struck down by the court):

Biden’s approval is back to being in the mid to high 30s so all they have left is resorting to calling fascists and extremists.

And what we saw last night was definitely a desperate attempt to distract.



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