You guys, that Biden speech last night? WOOF. Seriously, that was some scary, dystopian, horrific stuff. He might as well have been President Snow up there, reminding the citizens how lucky they are that he’s starving them for their own good.

What. A. Disaster.

Whoever put this little stunt together is either a GOP operative trying to help us with the midterms OR a moron who thought this would play well with more than the 38% of the crazy people who still think Biden is doing a good job.

It was awful.

Luckily, out of the awful sprung some pretty damn funny in meme form and here, dearest of readers, are some of the best:


Terry McAuliffe would be so proud!

Ok, so not funny in the least but a powerful rebuke of what Biden did to Americans last night.

All he needs is the pretty robe.

There it is.



Keep in mind, while we’re making fun of Biden, there are definitely scary a*s people lapping this insanity and hatred up, including members of our own media and thousands of mouthbreathers on Twitter.

Full fash indeed.


Who did that?! HA HA HA HA HA

Another not funny one … but deservedly scathing.

Sensing a theme here.

Ok, that is creepy and yet accurate AF.


That’s the one.

That’s this editor’s favorite.

Otherwise, what we watched last night is just too scary.



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Editor’s Note:


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