We all saw with our own eyes Emperor Failpatine’s stuttering Hitlering last night. Waving his arms and making pronouncement about the enemy, he was every inch the absent-minded oppressor.

But some people (the press) are trying to play like they have no idea what we’re talking about.

Well Dave Portnoy ain’t havin’ that. He has multiple comparisons and a killer delivery on this.

It’s Portnoy, so you can assume the language warning.

“The man looks like Nazi Germany with a dash of Cold War Soviet Union, with a dash of Dwight Schrute, with a dash of Hunger Games. Just like the biggest dictator look and set ever,” he says.

“Surreal. It’s surreal,” he adds. “It’s actually like laugh-out-loud funny, because you know how much money politicians, especially the president, spend on everything like staging, hair, makeup, lighting. And they come up with this, they come up with this set.”

I don’t want to harp on this forever but the fact that they can’t admit how bad this was is like one of the most perfect example of the bias in the press I’ve ever seen.

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