Welcome West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers and super, nuclear MAGA people. You have found respite. We will not once threaten your life, your livelihood, promise to put you in jail for wrong think, or take your kids to a strip joint.  With that out of the way, it’s been a minute since last we brought you the scoop from the most dysfunctional swaths of real estate West of the Mississippi, if you don’t count the Washington, D.C., Field Office of the FBI.

As you may have heard, California Governor Gavin Newsom, still wielding COVID emergency powers, commanded that his subjects to use only plug-in cars attached to magic bean poles to a mysterious fuel source starting in 2035.

Then within days, he told his subjects that they may not use power to cool off in the summer sun because those mysterious fuel sources were being rationed.

Welcome to the Davos World Order.

In a series of tweets, former California governor candidate and author Michael Shellenberger laid out the fundamental problem with those magic beans.

August 24: California bans sale of new gasoline-powered cars

August 30: California asks Californians to avoid charging electric vehicles due to electricity shortages

Of California’s 30,398,249 motor vehicles, just 1.9% (563,070) are electric. Using the state’s own estimates, California will need 17 GW of additional electricity to power all those electric cars. Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, which the state has tried to shut down, is 2.3 GW

So in order for California to have sufficient electricity to power 30M EVs, it will need to build 20 new, full size nuclear plants the size of the nuclear plants the state has been shutting down, or their equivalent. Tough to do with solar since people want to re-charge at night.

Don’t question their “science.” Shut up and get that mask on, MAGA man.

Fundamental Job Fail Part 1:

This is the stash of drug paraphernalia that independent San Francisco reporter Erica Sandberg gathered while going undercover as a drug addict. The San Francisco native was shocked that the drug-addled people lying about the streets and tent cities were being given the equipment in the name of “harm reduction.”

There’s much more of her story, including a new idea gathering steam in the City by the Bay: safe supply. She detailed her experiences for me in “The Adult in the Room” podcast. I’ll be looking into that program for an upcoming PJ Media piece.

Fundamental Job Fail Part 2:

Democrats, who have done nothing to increase reservoir space and are starving farmers of water, sending millions of acre-feet of water out to the Pacific Ocean for snail darters, have done it again. Congressional candidate and Newsom’s state Assemblyman Kevin Kiley helped kill the Democrats’ plan to limit “Californians to 42 gallons of indoor water use per day.” Kiley said, “Every so often, sanity prevails.”

Gavin Newsom has done nothing about building more reservoirs. Governing is so much harder than making speeches.

PJ Media’s own Matt Margolis has this week’s updated Wiener Watch. California’s most radically Left state lawmaker, from San Francisco, wants to turn California into a “sanctuary state for children seeking dangerous hormone treatments and body mutilation from red states that ban these procedures for kids.” As we’ve mentioned in the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report before, state Democrats demand parental authority over these troubled kids while they’re in California for life-changing surgeries. And, no, mom and dad have no right to object.

In Washington State, teachers in the Kent School District went out on strike on the first day of school. Teachers in other school districts are threatening to do the same if they don’t get more of the COVID money districts are awash in. Don’t worry, mom and dad, if teachers get more scratch, they’ll care even more about your kids.

One of the biggest voices in support of defunding police, socialist Washington State Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, was stunned and amazed when her neighbor yelled at her incessantly, calling her out as a communist asshat. She immediately called police and demanded security. The progressive caucus leader was a cheerleader for Antifa’s “direct actions,” and as Seattle radio host Jason Rantz pointed out, Jayapal wanted no “security for the families of SCOTUS judges, but then gets security for her own family.”

Fundamental Job Fail Part 3:

Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, and the continued unrest, are so unsettling that Portlanders are now too afraid to travel downtown. So at least their common sense hasn’t completely failed them.

Willamette Week reports that nearly “60% of respondents had a negative impression of downtown. Top reasons for avoiding visits downtown were homelessness (66%), trash and graffiti (60%), vandalism and property crime (51%), and violent crime (50%). Parking was next at 29%.”

They’re not the only ones afraid to come back. So frightening is it downtown that the venerable Benson Hotel, a mainstay where local swells huddle in its clubby bar and where NBA players stay while in town, lost a huge corporate customer that uses 300 rooms per month.  Willamette Week reports that the hotel may sue the city.

“The city is not living up to its duty to provide basic services (cleanliness, safety & security),” an executive from Coast Hospitality Management, the company that owns the Benson, said in an email to Jason Brandt, president of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association. “Too many homeless and crazy people running around. Suffice to say, I’m furious!”

“The Coast Hospitality executive didn’t name the corporate customer that left. But Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines “have been unwilling to come back in full for the same reason,” he wrote.

What a disaster.

That’s this week’s West Coast, Messed Coast™ update. Watch your step.

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