The time for metaphor and innuendo is over on MSNBC it seems. On Saturday they simply declared a civil war against “evil” Republicans outright and no bones about it.

It happened, of COURSE, during Tiffany Cross’s show, the most racist, most vile, farthest left show on all of TV.

First, we have Roland Martin and Cross saying that Trump supporters are evil and that the left is “already at war” with Republicans.

“This means war. That is where we are,” said Martin. “We are at war with these people. These folks are evil. They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump.”

“When you are in a war footing you have to respond accordingly,” he added.

On the SAME day, in the SAME week, on the SAME channel, they say how dangerous it is for Republicans to question the results of an election AND they say that Republicans evil fascists who want to destroy America and “this means war.”

Amazing. Later in the show it happens again, with Cross herself saying that civil war has already started.

And they make it very VERY clear that Biden’s pretense at differentiating between the “bad” Republicans and the “good” ones was just a lie that even his media sycophants didn’t buy. He was attacking ALL Americans who aren’t HIS sort.

She had some lady on who is supposed to be an “expert” on civil wars who said that the GOP is creating a civil war with violent rhetoric.

None of them said what that “violent” rhetoric is, of course. But it’s hard to imagine it’s more violent than literally saying we’re at war. You know?

h/t Tom Elliott and Grabien on all of this. They really do good work and I haven’t mentioned that in a while.

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