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The damage that the Biden-Harris regime have done to this nation in less than two years is impossible to quantify because it’s so tremendous. The economy, our sovereignty at the southern border, and our standing in the world have all been devastated. But one can argue that the damage done to the strongest military the world has ever knows is incalcuable.

This is why it’s no surprise the White House admitted the U.S. Marines who flanked Biden during his dark speech were props. According to Red State:

The White House and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre don’t care much about the truth. All they care about is saying things that sound good to help them hold onto their power, even if they have no relation to reality. Holding onto power is always the goal. So when Joe Biden had a primetime spot to talk to the American people, he didn’t talk about the concerns that are affecting the American people like inflation, as Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) observed. Instead, Biden attacked millions of Americans, dividing the country against itself to deflect from his failures, because the Democrats have nothing else to run on but hatred.

Karine Jean-Pierre was part of this whole tactic, justifying Biden’s attack on MAGA Republicans by saying if they don’t agree with the majority, they are extremists. How wrong, unhinged, and concerning is it to have that as the definition of extremist?

When Jean-Pierre was asked about Biden’s speech that we paid for him to give, supported by our military members behind him at Independence Hall, she dared to claim that the speech wasn’t political, despite his attack on the voters of his political opponent and despite him pleading with people to “vote, vote, vote.” “Standing up for democracy is not political,” she claimed in a completely bizarre interpretation of “political” not to mention “standing up for democracy.”

Add this to the long and growing list of egregious anti-American moves the Biden-Harris regime has made in less than half the time they’re supposed to be running the country.

Yes, We Need Your Help

I hate being “that guy” who asks people to donate because I think our conservative news network is so crucial, but here I am…

When I left my cushy corporate job in 2017, I did so knowing that my family would have to make sacrifices. But I couldn’t continue to watch the nation slip into oblivion and was inspired by President Trump’s willingness to fight the good fight even at his own personal expense. What I didn’t realize then is that conservative media would be so heavily attacked, canceled, and defunded that the sacrifices would be extreme.

Many in this nation are struggling right now even though we weren’t struggling just a few years ago. I’m not alone. But I wake up every morning and operate the sites we’ve been able to build because there’s really no other choice. I refuse to be beholden to Big Tech like so many other conservative news outlets, which is why you won’t see Google ads here. With that said, it’s often challenging to pay the bills and it’s even harder to expand so we can get the America First message out to a wider audience.

The economic downturn has forced me to make a plea for help. Between cancel culture, lockdowns, and diminishing ad revenue, we need financial assistance in order to continue to spread the truth. We ask all who have the means, please donate through our new GiveSendGo. Your generosity is what keeps these sites running and allows us to expand our reach so the truth can get to the masses. We’ve had great success in growing but we know we can do more with your assistance.

We currently operate:

I would even be willing to entertain investments and partnerships at this stage. I’ve turned them down in the past because editorial purity is extremely important. I’ll turn them down again if anyone wants us to start supporting RINOs or avoid “taboo” topics like voter fraud, vaccines, or transgender supremacy. But I’d talk to fellow America First patriots who want to help any (or all) of our 10 news sites. Hit me up at jdrucker (at) substack (dot) com if you’re interested.

For those who have the means and just want to help keep the mission of spreading a conservative, Christian message to the nation, please consider a generous donation.

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