I wrote about my first day at this year’s Minnesota State Fair here. That time, I was mostly working my organization’s booth. Today’s visit was just for fun. We saw many things, but as always we made a pilgrimage to the Horticulture building to see this year’s seed art exhibition.

Seed art–making “paintings” out of seeds–sounds like a folk art that should be dominated by conservatives, but in fact there is a tradition of Commie seed art going back a number of years. I have written about the seed art competition before, most recently here and here.

This year’s seed art did not disappoint. It included pro-abortion and anti-“patriarchy” themes:

“Shuck the patriarchy” is such a classic State Fair sentiment. This one continues the feminist theme, turning the Gadsden flag into a uterus. The original was better:

Here we have pro-Critical Race Theory seed art, something you probably never expected to see:

The depth to which ignorance descends is truly unfathomable. But enough pessimism. This one is sneaky: it pretends to be about cats, but the real message is “ACAB”: All cops are bastards, the Antifa motto. Yes, we have Antifa entries in the Minnesota seed art competition:

It, too, won a ribbon. Sad.

The moral of the story, I guess, is that no corner of our society is immune to infiltration by the far Left.

But let’s not end on a depressing note. It was a fine day at the Fair! Some of the prize-winning artifacts were gorgeous, like this canoe:

And, while incumbent Governor Tim Walz’s booth was virtually abandoned, with Walz in hiding, Republican challenger Dr. Scott Jensen mingled all afternoon with an enthusiastic crowd:

So everything considered, it was another good day at the Fair.

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