Yesterday, President Joe Biden — who recently painted half the people in this country as “MAGA Republicans” hellbent on tearing the very fabric of this country apart — encouraged his Twitter followers to send him a text message and share their story.

Obviously what the Biden administration is really after is not anyone’s story, per se. More like their contact information, just in case at some point down the road, that information becomes useful for the administration to have.

Still, a lot of people were more than happy to text Grandpa Joe about what’s been going on in their lives. Like this “young man,” for example, whose text moved the president to share it:

What a lovely story. This young man, who couldn’t afford to pay off his student loans, will now be able to take out another loan to buy a house, which will likely be an even bigger loan than anything he took out for college. And then he can start a family and have kids who can someday take out student loans of their own. Warms the cockles of our hearts.

And it’s all thanks to Joe Biden’s generosity. “Your forgiveness,” as the “young man” puts it. That bit really stuck out to National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke:

Glory to the Benevolent Biden, our Lord and Savior, who hath blessed us with his forgiveness.

Is it too early to canonize the president now? St. Joseph of Scranton.

Forgive us, O Great One.

It really is. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a lot more where that came from.

Some barrels have no bottom.

And don’t even get us started on the numbers.


Let’s hope the “young man” wasn’t a math major, at least. Because if he was … yikes.


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