We had no idea that bringing a personal CO2 monitor into public spaces in order to assess risk levels of contracting COVID-19 was a thing.

Years of constantly being told by the media and the government that everyone is going to die  affected a lot of people, but this takes it to a whole new level:

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re the type of person who feels the need to monitor the CO2 levels in public spaces, why on earth would you stay if you felt the levels had become unsafe?

We aren’t the only ones wondering:

The doctor was good enough to answer:

Fair enough on the personal risk-assessment, but why does anybody else need to be encouraged to mask by a stranger in a theater who shows them a little device with a number on it? That just seems…odd.

Looks like this is a fairly common occurrence for this account:

You get the picture.

We’re all for people doing what they think is necessary to protect their health. We’re just not sure that constantly monitoring CO2 levels while you’re out in public is, well, healthy.

For those wondering (and there appear to be quite a few) about the correlation between CO2 levels and the risk of contracting COVID-19:

Thanks for clearing that up.

Editor’s Note:


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