Full transparency, when we first saw this poll we thought it had to be after Biden’s ‘MAGA REPUBLICANS ARE DESTROYING THE COUNTRY REEE’ speech because woof, this is really really really low for Independents. But nope, this was before Biden did his best Hitler impression on primetime television.

We’re willing to bet it dropped even further after that disaster.


Wow wow.

This isn’t Republicans … this is Independents. You know, the people who typically decide elections?

We sorta laughed as well.

Poor Gary.



Biden’s speech was not a speech a president who is confident that his party is going to stay in power gives. Biden’s speech was a hateful, divisive, desperate plea to scare people into voting for Democrats even though the country is a disaster under their leadership.

Good point.

This was taken before that horrific speech … and that tells us:

That. They. Do.



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