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There are two extremely important ideas America First patriots must keep in mind going forward when it comes to globalism spreading across the world. First, the vast majority of major problems we’re facing are not coincidences or the results of incompetent decision-making by leaders. These decisions are intentional and they’re working just as they’re supposed to work.

Second, the globalists’ plans for The Great Reset are currently on track to succeed. Far too often I read articles or hear show hosts talking about major wins by those fighting the globalist elites. They’re usually minor victories at best, Pyrrhic victories at worst. A lot of times these “victories” are actually losses in disguise.

I completely understand the need for many conservative pundits to operate in this manner. We need to stay positive when faced against such pure evil so people don’t lose hope. Unfortunately, I believe the biggest reason some show hosts in particular continuous pump out content about how “the globalists are on the run” or “it’s all falling apart for leftists” or some other variation of headlines that claim America First patriots are on the verge of massive victories is because it sells. Today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show will not “sell” very well because I refuse to peddle falsehoods.

The reality is that we’re in the fight of our lives on the political, cultural, economic, and religious fronts. Never has any living American faced this type of adversity coming from multiple fronts. That’s not to say we haven’t faced individual challenges that are more daunting; anyone who has been on a battlefield or fought for their life knows that dealing with power outages or inflation pales by comparison. But that doesn’t mean the fight against globalism is going to be easy.

An article hit my desk yesterday that gives people a pretty good idea of what we’re facing. I don’t agree with everything Jeff Thomas over at International Man wrote, particularly his conclusions, but the first few paragraphs are spot on:

Over the past decade or two, there have been those who have become alarmed at the rapid rise of the globalists. And yet, the concept of globalism has always existed. There have always been those who sought to control all that was within their perception. Even if that was just a few villages within a valley, those who sought total rule were thinking “globally,” i.e., “I want it all.”

Over the ages, the obsession to control the world led to the creation of empires. Each empire spread over vast areas, eventually growing beyond the ability to control them. Each empire, in turn, collapsed and always for the same reasons.

In the late eighteenth century, Mayer Rothschild, a brilliant banker, came up with a new twist. He focused on currency control, saying, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes the laws.”

He accomplished this in his native Germany, then sent his five sons out to achieve the same ends in other countries. His son Nathan created the Bank of England and with the then-recent formation of the United States, created its first central bank. The bank lost its charter, then a second bank was created, which also lost its charter.

But success came in 1913 when Rothschild descendants, along with American bankers, created the Federal Reserve. These individuals, plus the leading industrialists, began to dream of the expansion of their powers. They would take over the country’s institutions of higher learning and control the curriculum. They would reshape the medical industry to avoid curative practices in favour of the dispensation of drugs that would keep people permanently dependent on the nascent pharmaceutical industry.

And most importantly, they would take control of political power.

Within a very short time, they conceived of a New World Order – a concept that we today regard as being a secret plan. Yet, from the beginning, the self-anointed Elites were quite proud of their plan. As David Rockefeller wrote in his memoirs, “Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States… to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and am proud of it.”

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For decades, there have been those who have seen this coming and warned about it. For the most part, they were scorned or laughed at. But that’s changing rapidly. In the last two years, the mask of the globalists has been slipping, and we’ve now reached the stage where the common man is beginning to accept that he’s been conned.

He may not be certain yet whether it’s the politicians on the right or left, or both together, or whether it’s Dr. Fauci, or whether it’s the WEF that’s targeting him, but he understands in his gut that something is fundamentally wrong, and he may have to actually get off the couch and address the problem in some way.

In recent years, he’s been observing his rulers failing to be honest about the pandemic whilst oppressing him with demands that he kowtows to ever-changing restrictions in response to what amounts to a seasonal flu.

He’s watched as massive spending goes to a war that he never signed on to have his country fight. That war has served as an excuse to increase taxation dramatically at a time when he was barely keeping his head above water. If that weren’t enough, he’s watched as the cost of necessities has risen dramatically, whilst his political leaders have assured him that he must simply bite the bullet, as it’s “the price we have to pay.”

In the mix, unemployment has soared, and rather than become more frugal and responsible, his fellow citizens have been encouraged to rely on the government for ever-increasing handouts.

The net result has been an ever-increasing demoralization – the destruction of truth, erosion of the family, and the erasure of morality. Wokeism, sexual mutilation of children, and random acts of violence are becoming commonplace. The common man can only conclude that those in power are doing everything wrong – that they are failing in all their attempts at “solutions.”

But this is not the case. They are, in fact, succeeding. The problem is that their goals are not his goals. Their goal is globalism under a collectivist rule. Their intent is to collapse the economy, destroy the national moral compass, to destroy any sense of family, truth, and spiritual belief so that the only belief system is in the government.

And they’re doing a bang-up job.

Another article by Michael Snyder helps put it all in perspective regarding one of the major existential threats we’re facing: Food shortages. He lists 33 (odd number but okay) numbers that we need to keep in mind regarding food shortages. As he notes, not enough people are taking this seriously.

Here’s his article followed by today’s live show:

A List Of 33 Things We Know About The Coming Food Shortages

Things are far worse than you are being told.  Over the past few months, I have been carefully documenting facts that show that global food production is going to be way down in 2022.  Unfortunately, most people out there don’t seem to understand that the food that isn’t being grown in 2022 won’t be on our store shelves in 2023.  We are potentially facing an absolutely unprecedented worldwide food crisis next year, but the vast majority of the population doesn’t seem very alarmed about this.  So I would encourage you to help me get this warning out by sharing this list with as many people as you possibly can.  As you will see below, we now have so many data points that it is impossible to deny what is coming.  The following is a list of 33 things we know about the coming food shortages…

#1 The hard red winter wheat crop in the United States this year “was the smallest since 1963”.  But in 1963, there were only 182 million people living in this nation.  Today, our population has grown to 329 million.

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#2 It is being projected that the rice harvest in California will be “half what it would be in a normal year”.

#3 The U.S. tomato harvest will come in at just 10.5 million tons in 2022.  That is over a million tons lower than a normal year.

#4 This will be the worst U.S. corn harvest in at least a decade.

#5 Year-to-date shipments of carrots in the United States are down 45 percent.

#6 Year-to-date shipments of sweet corn in the United States are down 20 percent.

#7 Year-to-date shipments of sweet potatoes in the United States are down 13 percent.

#8 Year-to-date shipments of celery in the United States are down 11 percent.

#9 Total peach production in the U.S. is down 15 percent from last year.

#10 Almost three-fourths of all U.S. farmers say that this year’s drought is hurting their harvests.

#11 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in Oregon is down 41 percent.

#12 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in New Mexico is down 43 percent.

#13 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in Texas is down 50 percent.

#14 One beef producer in Oklahoma is now predicting that ground beef “could eventually top $50 per pound”.

#15 At least 40 percent of the United States has been suffering from drought conditions for 101  consecutive weeks.

#16 Overall, this is the worst multi-year megadrought in the United States in 1,200 years.

#17 Europe is currently experiencing the worst drought that it has seen in 500 years.  In some parts of central Europe, river levels have fallen so low that “hunger stones” are being revealed for the first time in centuries.

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#18 Corn production for the entire EU could be down by as much as one-fifth in 2022.

#19 We are being warned that there will be crop losses in France of up to 35 percent.

#20 It is being projected that crop losses in some areas of the UK could be as high as 50 percent.

#21 It is being reported that there will be crop losses “of up to 50 percent” in some parts of Germany.

#22 Some farmers in Italy have already lost “up to 80% of their harvest”.

#23 Agricultural production in Somalia will be down about 80 percent this year.

#24 In eastern Africa, the endless drought has already resulted in the deaths of at least seven million animals.

#25 In China, they are facing the worst drought that they have ever experienced in recorded history.

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#26 India normally accounts for 40 percent of the global rice trade, but we are being warned that production in that country will be way down in 2022 due to “considerable rainfall deficits in key rice producing states”.

#27 A third of the entire nation of Pakistan was under water after recent floods absolutely devastated that nation, and agricultural areas were hit particularly hard.  As a result, the vast majority of the crops in the country have been “washed away”

It has also been estimated that roughly 65 per cent of the country’s food basket — particularly crops like rice, cotton, wheat and onion — have been washed away.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, in an interview to CGTN earlier this week, offered an even starker outlook by saying that “about 80 to 90 per cent” of the country’s crops have been damaged by the floods.

#28 The prices of some fertilizers have tripled since 2021, while the prices of some other fertilizers have actually quadrupled.

#29 One payment company is reporting that the number of Americans using their app to take out short-term loans for groceries has risen by 95 percent.

#30 Demand at U.S. food banks is now even worse than it was during the height of the COVID pandemic.

#31 The World Health Organization is telling us that millions of people in Africa are now potentially facing a very real possibility of starving to death.

#32 According to the World Food Program, 828 million people around the world go to bed hungry each night.  Needless to say, that number will soon be much higher.

#33 UN Secretary General António Guterres has publicly stated that he believes that it is likely that there will be “multiple famines” in 2023.

As global food supplies get tighter and tighter, so will the risk of civil unrest.

In fact, this has already been happening

The risk of civil unrest has surged this year in more than half of the world’s countries, signaling a coming period of heightened global instability fueled by inflation, war, and shortages of essentials, a new analysis says.

According to Verisk Maplecroft, a UK-based risk consulting and intelligence firm, 101 of the 198 countries tracked on its Civil Unrest Index saw an increase in their risk of civil unrest between the second and third quarters of this year.

In recent weeks, we have seen absolutely massive protests in cities all over the planet.

But conditions aren’t even that bad yet.

So what will things be like in 2023 when it finally becomes exceedingly clear that there simply will not be enough food for everyone?

Wealthy countries will have the resources to buy up much of what is available on the market, and that means that many poor countries will deeply suffer.

If everything that you have read in this article sounds familiar, that is because we have been warned for years that such conditions were coming.

In 2023, there will be famines and civil unrest all over the globe.

This is not a drill.  An extremely serious global food crisis has already begun, and I would encourage you to get prepared for what is ahead while you still can.

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