Kathy Griffin is known to be a bit wacky. We all remember when she did the Trump severed head thing and whined about the backlash. Well, now she is implying the only way to NOT have a Civil War is if you vote for her side (Democrats) in November.

Yes, she really said that, and yes it is crazy. Not just normal crazy, it is crazy, even by Hollywood standards.

So we established it is wild but it also seemed a little ‘insurection-y’ to us and we were not alone!

One Twitter user pointed out what she ‘thinks’ of her own side versus what Democrats actually do.

Others wondered what Griffin was thinking.

We pondered that question ourselves. Do Hollywood types listen to anyone outside of their bubble? We do not think so, but let’s check with the magic 8 ball to be sure.

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Ok, so the fake Magic 8 Ball is not necessarily solid evidence, but we are still pretty certain they don’t listen or care about what anyone outside the Hollywood bubble thinks.

She inspired many to take action to ENSURE the left loses while others were confused about how her tweet works with the recent #BidenSpeech about MAGA Republicans and political violence.

Another wanted to try and help Kathy fix her message – they just didn’t think it was worded as well as it could have been. We particularly like his suggestion to change Civil War to Holy War as we all know Leftism seems to be a religion these days.

Kathy Griffin being violent, saying you need to vote DEMOCRAT or there will be a Civil War, and generally behaving kind of wild is just one more example of the complete hypocrisy of the left. At this point, none of us are even surprised.

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Vote Democrat or you want war is NOT a great message, Kathy.


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