If you saw any footage of Joe Biden’s speech from hell last week, one of the first questions you may have asked yourself how the Washington Post’s Max Boot would try to defend it.

OK, maybe you didn’t ask yourself that question, specifically, but it’s usually a good question to ask after Joe Biden says and/or does something horrible because, generally speaking, Max Boot will try to find a way to defend it. And he did:


No, it really isn’t.

But he’s not, though. He’s very deliberately conflating “MAGA Republicans” with any Republican or conservative who holds mainstream conservative views like being pro-life. Biden is trying to blur the lines between far-Right extremists and Republicans/conservatives whose only “threat to democracy” is rejecting progressivism.

Boot writes:

Whatever figure you use for MAGA Republicans, it’s clear that they account for tens of millions of voters and pose a major threat to our democracy. But there are also millions of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who aren’t hardcore Trumpkins and who are up for grabs. This includes “Never Trump” former Republicans like me (Twitchy editor’s note: Max Boot is not, in fact, “up for grabs.” He sold his soul to the Left as soon as he realized the pay was better). In elections that are likely to be decided at the margins, in a handful of swing states or competitive districts, relatively small shifts in sentiment can produce a political earthquake.

By focusing on “MAGA Republicans,” Biden is trying once again to persuade independents and the small number of moderate Republicans to support Democratic candidates. His strategy could backfire by simply firing up enthusiasm among Trump supporters (as was the case with Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment), but there is evidence to suggest it might be working.

While Biden has started attacking “MAGA Republicans,” Democrats’ election prospects have improved, boosted by gains among independents. A lot of that shift is because of support for abortion rights, a decline in gas prices and Democratic success in passing legislation, but a recent NBC News poll found that voters rank threats to democracy as their No. 1 concern. The GOP reaction to Biden’s speech has been so hysterical, one suspects, precisely because Republicans fear that his strategy — of turning “MAGA” into a toxic brand — might succeed.

Millions of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who aren’t hardcore Trumpkins also had huge problems with Biden’s speech and found it angry and divisive and just straight-up terrible. They’ve reacted with outrage to Biden’s speech because Biden’s speech was legitimately outrageous.

But those millions don’t count to Max Boot for some reason.

So stunning. So brave.


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