During his recent appearance at Laborfest in Milwaukee, President Biden was incredibly excited to share some statistics on … the deficit? It’s tough to be sure, as Biden seemingly says “remmadoovadavdech.”

“You know how much remmadoovadavdech this year? 1 trillion, 500,000 reduced!” Biden says.

Watch the clip above.

Biden praised union leaders, went after MAGA Republicans —even dealt with a heckler during the speech.

From CBS 58:

In the closing minutes of President Biden’s speech, a man was removed from the crowd after shouting at the President and calling him a “liar.”

President Biden paused his speech and addressed the man, saying “God love you” before telling the crowd “everybody is entitled to be an idiot.”

While on stage, President Biden spoke on a variety of topics including protecting unions and working-class American families, his infrastructure bill and about the need to protect Social Security. He also praised the unions and their support of him over the years.

“I wouldn’t be here without unions,” President Biden exclaimed. “I got elected when I was 29 years old, the United States Senate with a state that recently meant right to work. You know why? Union labor endorsed me and fought for me. The middle class built America, everybody knows that. Unions built the middle class.”

“I’m here because of you — the middle class built America, but the unions built the middle class — that’s a fact,” Biden said. “Laborers are the single greatest technicians in the world. People forget, you go four, five years to school, in an apprentice, build a better product, it lasts longer, it’s cheaper for the business, it’s better for the country.”

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