So, Politic’s CEO is in trouble for inviting colleagues to pray for Trump’s re-election. Forget that the country was in better shape, the economy was in better shape, the world was in better shape, and media outlets were in better shape … apparently, Axel Springer is in deep water with Ted Lieu.

Ted claims it’s because Springer lied about the email, but honestly with the way Ted and others reacted (The Daily Beast WROTE about it), who could blame the guy for not wanting it to get out?

What really ticked Ted off is this CEO supports Trump.

He won’t admit it, but you know that’s the reality here. Otherwise, he’d have been calling out CEOs for lying long before now.

Blind hatred is all he’s got, though.

Yeah, you know, we looked through Ted’s timeline and gosh, we don’t see him getting all bent out of shape with Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, etc. We’re thinking he’s AOK with CEOs of a certain political persuasion (who donate money to certain parties) being total and complete liars.

How convenient.

This is an insult to silly people everywhere.

SO annoying.

Beyond annoying.

And it has been for years and years and years.

THAT is the reality of it all, people. Whether you support his policies, his drama, or his ability to get clicks and taps, there’s a reason the media need him as much as they supposedly hate him. Look at what happened to CNN. Without the ‘bad orange man,’ they started going downhill, and NOW they’re letting people go.

But Ted doesn’t understand that, all Ted sees is TRUUUUUUMP, and so he’s throwing a tantrum.

As usual.



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