According to a report from the Society of Actuaries (SOA), 20 of the nation’s top 21 insurance companies are all reporting the same phenomenon: death claims exploded in the summer and fall of 2021.


  • Death claims for 35-44 year-olds were 100% higher than expected in July, August, and September of 2021.
  • Deaths in 25-34-year-olds rose 78% in those same months.
  • More people 34 years old and under died of non-COVID-related illnesses than from COVID-19.
  • White-collar workers saw a 23% rise in unexpected (excess) deaths.

The report looked at death claims from April 2020 to March 2022 and used death claims from the three years before the pandemic as a baseline.

Hedge fund manager Edward Dowd has been studying what he calls the “alarming” excess death rate for a few months now. He notes that the excess deaths hit their peak around the time Gropey Joe Biden mandated vaccinations and fawning companies forced their employees to bend their knees and raise their sleeves.

“Temporally, in that three-month period, the change was such that, there was something that occurred,” Dowd claimed. “Well, we all know what occurred in August, September, and October. It was Biden’s mandates on Sept. 9, and a lot of corporations anticipating those mandates.”

Scott Davidson, CEO of OneAmerica, an insurance company based in Indianapolis, claims that this is the highest death rate in the history of life insurance. He also claimed that a 10% rise in the death rate would constitute a once-in-200-years catastrophe.

Dr. Robert Malone is known for creating the mRNA technology found in the COVID vaccines as well as being a skeptic of the Hong Kong Fluey shots.

“Excess mortality should be a signal, a trigger,” Malone told The Epoch Times. “When we see excess mortality like that, basically if you’re running a clinical trial and you see this kind of excess mortality, you stop the trial. And you investigate the cause before you proceed. And if you’re marketing a drug, generally, with this kind of data, you stop the distribution of the drug until you have sorted it out.”

The SOA sent the following statement to The Epoch Times clarifying that their report does not suggest a link between COVID vaccines and excess deaths but merely investigates the impact of COVID on the insurance industry:

The Society of Actuaries Research Institute’s January and August 2022 reports regarding U.S. Group Life COVID-19 mortality explore the impact of COVID-19 on the group life insurance sector and does not address or consider vaccine status. The research does not validate any claims made that suggest a causal relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and mortality. Any claims implying such a relationship are a misrepresentation of the data presented in the report and are not reflective of the Society of Actuaries Research Institute’s views.

Malone went on to say that the U.S. government is required to research deaths that may be related to medicine and vaccines, usually for a year before a medication is approved, yet he doesn’t believe that happened with the COVID jabs.

“The FDA basically threw away the rulebook and let Fauci do whatever he wanted to do,” Malone stated.

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