Yesterday, we told you about Oscar-winning actress and Vogue October cover girl Jennifer Lawrence opening up about her transformation into a fiercely political creature, a transformation that has only  become even more important to her since she became a mother to a son who, with any luck, will grow up knowing that he will someday be able to get a girl pregnant and abort Lawrence’s future grandchildren.

Aaaaaaanyway, one of the most interesting details Lawrence revealed in her interview is that she is afflicted by nightmares of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, whose programming some of her relatives disturbingly enjoy. We can’t imagine what it’s like to be haunted by dreams of Tucker Carlson. That’s probably because we’re not totally insane or unable to disengage from politics in order to stay at least somewhat grounded in reality.

What makes Jennifer Lawrence’s confession even more ridiculous is when you consider the sorts of people she doesn’t have frequent nightmares about. People she actually met and hung out with, people whose company she enjoyed on multiple occasions. Perhaps our friend Jim Treacher can jog Jen’s memory, hmmm?

By the time Jennifer Lawrence’s acting career took off and she made it onto the A list, Harvey Weinstein’s proclivities were already an open secret in Hollywood. She may have gotten all of her knowledge about liberalism from watching “30 Rock,” but we find it hard to believe that she was so thick as to be completely oblivious to the rumors about Weinstein’s sexual predation.

So why did she pal around with him? Again and again?

Maybe Jen can discuss that in her next cover story.


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