Kennedy says President Biden is about as popular as scurvy.

During a recent appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) went off on President Biden for his hateful, anti-MAGA speech in Philadelphia and for attempting to get Americans to hate the GOP.

“Recently, as you pointed out, the president has adopted a new tactic,” Kennedy said of Biden’s angry speech in Philly. “Instead of trying to solve the problems of the American people, he has decided that he is going to try to convince the American people to hate Republicans more than the American people hate President Biden,” said Kennedy. “It’s an interesting approach” that has “just one problem,” Kennedy says.

“It’s not just Republicans who think that the president is barking mad — many independents and Democrats also disagree with him,” noted Kennedy. “And these independents and these Democrats and these Republicans are Americans too,” he added. “And they’re going to get pretty tired, pretty quickly, having the President of the United States of America call them racist, and misogynistic, and ignorant, and unAmerican, and fascist because they disagree with the Bernie Sanders agenda that President Biden has adopted.”

Kennedy calls Biden’s approach “Star-Spangled stupid.”

“Maybe the White House should call Will Smith over and ask him to slap some sense into the teleprompter or something,” Kennedy added.

Watch the clip above.

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