The COVID pandemic was bad, but at least it was an equal-opportunity virus (although, notably, kids seemed to fare better than any other demographic). The monkeypox outbreak, though … it’s actually worse than COVID if you stop and think about it. Because it’s straight-up homophobic, as science reporter Benjamin Ryan recently explained in a piece for NBC News:

“Here are their stories.” Dun-dun!

Spoiler alert: Their stories are that monkeypox totally ruined their plans for a sexy, sex-filled summer:

Pour one out for the orgy enthusiasts who have had to temper their expectations this year:

For many gay and bisexual men, the sprawling and chaotic monkeypox outbreak has upended a summer that was supposed to be a well-earned opportunity — following the peak of the Covid crisis — to finally have some fun and revel with their gay brothers without the threat of viral infection hanging over them.

Lost amid the frantic media and public health reports about monkeypox epidemiology, the delayed vaccine deliveries and the squabbling over how best to communicate about the virus are the millions of GBTQ people whose happiness, well-being and connection to one another have in many cases been considerably compromised by the mere threat of monkeypox infection.

Wow. You hate to see it.

Honest question from us: if monkeypox weren’t an issue, wouldn’t the threat of viral infection from other viruses still hang over people who willingly engage in high-risk sexual behavior for fun? Like, have none of these people heard of STDs? HIV? Last time we checked, having to stay away from sex parties was still preferable to contracting a painful and potentially serious disease. But we’re old-fashioned that way.

File under: Things You Should Always Be Doing Whether There’s a Viral Disease Out There or Not.

Tough break, Michael. You too, J.J.:

Is this real life?

Gay people — the entire GBTQ community really — shouldn’t be listening to “experts” like John Pachankis. They should be listening to their gut, which is probably telling them to, as a general rule, not go to orgies.

How about hell in a hand basket?


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