There is no consideration for Republican women in the endless Leftist campaign to power women and lift their voices up. It is very difficult for the common identity politics embracing progressive to fathom that there are people in one of their key targeted groups who will not fall in line and vote Democrat.

The League of Women voters sounds a lot like a club for… women… who vote. The assumption, however, is that women were put on this earth to advance the progressive agenda. Women are voting, and a number of them aren’t aligning their votes to the exclusive, & somewhat screechy, band of Leftist females.  The Left appears to be mystified by the concept of women not voting according to the latest progressive narratives.  The “other” type of women voters are either quietly ignored, or openly questioned for their failure to conform.

Women voting according to the policies and ideals that most closely reflect their own beliefs and values is simply baffling to the folks who need a political party to tell them how to vote.

Men questioning the votes of women is perfectly acceptable as long as the right women are being asked. Women who don’t vote Republican are also fine with it.

Women who wrong-vote can not possibly be acting alone. So much for the idea that women are collectively wise, powerful and capable. Never mind the voices of women who clearly and strongly articulate their positions and preferences.

What even are Democrat voters thinking at this point, can we get a mansplanation that Democrat women will understand? Discounting the voices of women really doesn’t seem very progressive at all, aside from that whole agenda-serving hypocrisy that often appears when desperation strikes.

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