By now, you’ve probably heard that Queen Elizabeth’s family has traveled to Balmoral to see her amid reports of her deteriorating health.

Well wishes and prayers are pouring in for the Queen from around the world. But not from CBS News “Journalist | Author | Correspondent” Wesley Lowery (the dude who wrote GQ’s mega-cringe cover story on AOC). No sir, he doesn’t get why Queen Elizabeth’s death would be viewed by anyone as a real loss. Not when you consider that she’s nothing more than a white oppressor:

Not that there was ever any doubt, but in case you were wondering, Wes didn’t delete his tweet out of any sense of shame:

Breaking: Wesley Lowery is a perpetually aggrieved, self-unaware little twerp.

He’s a perpetually aggrieved little, self-unaware twerp who has no clue what he’s talking about.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

Note: He’s not considered an objective reporter by any serious people.



WaPost’s Wesley Lowery gets nuked while defending MSM coverage of Dem rapist


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