Oh, Chris Hayes, he’s the gift that keeps on givin’ to loyal Twitchy readers. He just does not seem to think things through before tweeting, and last night was no exception. He suggested that Greg Gutfeld’s discussion on Democrat Party demographics (young, angry single women) should run as an ad in swing states. Ok, but Greg Gutfeld is mostly about making fun of the Left and he is NOT running for anything so how would this help? We suppose maybe he thinks Greg is just another generally scary human being and because he is on FOX just seeing his face will drive the women to the polls?

Many people had questions and as always with the Internet, there were a few jokes as well.

Let’s get this party started!

Below is a legitimate question but we doubt she gets an answer.

A few had similar thoughts to this editor: Greg Gutfeld is NOT on the ballot.

Seeing no problem with the video clip, many just accepted the terms of the proposal.

Since we here at Twitchy are fully aware that Hayes is far Left we know he thinks Greg is the one who is in the wrong but somebody had to ask the question.

After asking that question we found a user who thought it was a great idea for an ad, but to be used FOR the GOP, not against them.

For the next one, we are pretty sure the tweeter was talking about Greg but the QT looks like it is about Mr. Hayes and we agreed with that idea so it made the list.

YES, there are those on the left who are just fine with being ghouls and many of them run for office and often win elections.

Chris is always some tactic to get out the vote and we can see this user liked pointing it out with a nice little touch of sass.

Finally, we can only LOL.

Ummm… nothing like Chris Hayes for those heavy days …

HA! Ok it is maybe a tiny bit gross, but it is funny!

Never change Chris, we hope you continue to bless us with laughter for many days to come.

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